Meet Linda Brady



NEWS FLASH !!  Linda Brady named the
Best Agility Instructor by Michigan Tails Magazine!

Specializing in Obedience and Agility Training
Service Dog and Hearing Dog Training on a limited basis

Currently doing classes and private lessons in
Warren, Oxford, Lapeer

I became involved in dog training in 1978 when I went to my first class with a mixed breed with behavioral problems and at that time everyone wanted to take my dog and train it and give it back. I didn’t think it would work and wanted to do it myself. I FINALLY found a class, started training and got hooked and since then….

 A sample of just some of the titles my dogs have achieved are the following.  All these dogs were trained and shown by me to all of their titles

          Croc Blancs Black Magic Am/Can/UKC CDX (BSD)  High in Trial and Dog Worlds,    Top Ten BSD 1984

          Claire De Lune Dendy Lyon Am/Can/UKC CD,  Don’s Dickens III  Am CD (English Setter)

            Nikita Amber Am/Can CD (Siberian Husky) Tournament Qualifier

          U-UD, Can OTCH Shilohs Explosion UD, WC (Golden Rtr)  Multi HIT in 3 kennel clubs,    Dog Worlds and Gaines & DWDOA Tournament placements and  #9 Novice GR in 1984 Canadian Golden Retriever Obedience Hall of Fame

          U-UD, Can OTCH Prairie Wildfire UD, WC  (Golden Rtr) Multi HIT in 3 kennel clubs Dog Worlds

          Offshore Spirits ‘n Soda Am/Can/UKC/SKC CDX (Golden Rtr)  Multi HIT in 4 kennel clubs,      Tournament placer in DWDOA and Gaines, Dog Worlds  Breeder-Owner-Trainer

          CH Breece’s Bettin’ on Starburst Am/UKC  CDX, Can  CD, (Belgian Sheepdog) High in Trial & 200 Score

          Can OTCh Starburst’s Show Biz UD, UKC CDX, MX, AXJ (Golden Rtr) Breeder-Owner-Trainer       Multi High in Trial – AKC, UKC, CKC, CKC Golden Rtr Obed Hall of Fame       DWDOA 1998 Open Division 8th place and 1999 Open Division 10th Place

          Golden Oaks Magic Touch UD, Can/CKC CDX, AX, OAJ  (Golden Rtr)   High in Trials       USA ’s 1999  NUMBER ONE ALL BREED Agility Dog – Jumpers with Weaves Open Division     Canadian Golden Retriever Obedience Hall of Fame  Breeder-Owner-Trainer

BISS, Am/Can CH Bayviews Itza Queens Game UD, MX, HIC, TT, WD-S, WDX-C,  BAD, ROM  UKC/Can CDX, S-CD  Multi group placer (BSD)
Best of Breed Winner – Belgian Sheepdog National Specialty 1996 Owner Handled
1992 Best of Breed Winner at Westminster KC and Purina Invitational Always Owner Handled
1992  BSD Breed standings:  #2 Breed dog and #2 Novice Obedience dog

          Ch MACH Discoverys Great Escape  MXG MJS AKC/ CKC/UKC CDX, CGC, HIC, WDX-C,
Ag HOF , 1997 Winners Dog BSCA National Specialty  (BSD)
   USA ’s 1998  NUMBER ONE ALL BREED Agility Dog – Jumpers with Weaves Open Division

 MACH  Meadwpd Star B’z Lethal Weapon MXB, MJB, UD, NAP NJP RA Can/UKC CDX  (Gold Rtr)  High In Trials and Dog World Awards, GRCA Agility Hall of Fame and Outstanding Dam

Ch MACH2 PACH Reverie Smooth Sailing CD RE MXC MJC MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MXF, BSCA Agility Hall of Fame & WDX-C, HIC

Ch MACH2 PACH Isengard’s Slide’N Into Bayview CDX RE MXS MJS MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF, BSCA Agility Hall of Fame, WDX-C Multi Group placer by 1 year of age! (BSD) 200 Score Winner

MACH4 PACH3 Starburst’s If Only  CDX RE MXB2 MJB2 MXP9 MXPG MJP8 MJPG PAX3 XF  Golden Retriever Agility Hall of Fame & Outstanding Dam, Multi High in Trial winner and I am also her proud Breeder!

 Dogs I currently own:

  • GCH CH MACH 4 Images Calling DIBS on Starburst MXC MJC T2B2 XF  RN SWN SIA SCA ACT2 CGCU CGCA TKI – aka DIBS
    Best of Winners & Best Puppy in Sweeps at BSCA 2018 National Specialty
    AKC Agility Invitational Medallion Winner
  • MACH Autumn Grove Back to the Starburst Bench GRCA AgHof aka Rookie
  • Starbursts Hot Pot of Gold MX AXJ aka Sizzle
  • Part timer and retired:
    MACH Mika Nicona Liswyn MXB MJB CGCU CGCA CGC  – co-owned with Kimberly Watts – he’s our part time guy!  aka Brady

 I started teaching classes in 1979 and I am currently the owner of the Canine Community Center .   The CCC is a very active and opened a very competitive obedience school in 1992 and can boast of having many top winning students including many who have gone from Novice A to OTCH, Novice A to MACH, High in Trials and achieving many wins and tournament placements along the way.  Not all Goldens and Border Collies!,  these dogs are breeds which include Field Spaniels, Mix Breeds, Samoyed, German Wirehair Pointers, Springer Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Border Collie, Golden Retrievers, Belgian Sheepdogs, Gordon Setter, Bichon, Flat Coated Rtrs, AMBOR,  Poodle, English Setter and Schnauzer’s to name a few!   

I do not “buy” fancy online certificates, my dogs and my training techniques used by myself and my students speak for themselves!  After 42 years of doing this, my methods used, are tried and true.  I also do not “scam” people and charge hundreds of dollars of their hard earned money for simple things as getting your dog to not pull you on a walk !

I have trained many different breeds and have been very successful in many ways with all of them.  The breeds include:  English Setter, Samoyed, Siberian Husky, All American, Irish Setter, Border Collie, Great Dane, Sheltie, Belgian Sheepdogs and Golden Retrievers.  Many of these dogs were not living with me at the time and could only be trained once a week and still, were very competitive obedience dogs with HITS in AKC, CKC, UKC, SKC and DWDOA and Gaines placements.  Most of the dogs that came to live in my house were dogs that were given away because they  were rehome dogs that were  “not competitive enough” and “dumb” and/or lived in a kennel.  They came to live with me where they are house dogs and my companions first, and then competition dogs, and went on to be amazing dogs!

From the years of 1984 to 2015, all dogs living in my home were (BSD and GR) were Multi HIT dog’s. (and Michigan is known as being a “hotbed” of obedience competition)  I also breed Golden Retrievers under the kennel name of Starburst and the pedigree on most of the Starburst litters I bred contain 5 generations of Multi High in Trial dogs.  The litter that I am planning for 2020 will be 3 generations of MACH dogs as well as Obedience dogs.  I am  not only the breeder, but also the co-owner and instructor for many of the puppies I bred   

I feel a good trainer not only does well on their own, but it shows in their students….In the past years, my students did quite well in the ring going for their titles and they proudly brought home trophies from the Gaines Regional Competitions and DWDOA World Series and National Specialties!  Many in the Top Five in their breed!  You have to be old to obedience to know what those tournaments are!! LOL

All in all, I have put approximately  100+ titles on 20+ dogs of 6 different breeds. I have two 200 scores on 2 different Belgian Sheepdogs. Lost count of my 199s and 199.5s!  I have never kept track of all my HIT’s-but I know they are 50 plus!  I have finished approximately 10 Champions,   15 Master Agility Trial Champions and I do not have a count on the number of UD’s, CDX’s, CD’s, MX’s, MXJs, along with a multitude of others, through other kennel clubs

While working on these titles I have also managed a tour to Calgary & Edmunton with the “Superdog” show and still found time to work, travel and manage my business, run classes four nights a week (obedience & agility) and do approximately 10-15 private lessons a week.  So as you can see–I train when I can, the way most people train!  I do not have time to spend 3 hours practicing finishes!!

In addition to the obedience work I was a Field Instructor for Paws With A Cause doing the final, in home phase, of training Service dog and Hearing Dog teams from 1986 to 2010.  I started with them when they were just an office in their home.  My first assignment was a 1.5 yr old out of control Doberman who they had just placed with a woman in a wheelchair with no legs.  I was told to train the dog to pull a wheelchair, pick up dropped items, pull doors open and hold them open – just to name a couple of things.  When I asked how to do this, I was told “You are the trainer – we don’t know, you can figure it out”.  MANY of the training techniques that I used are still be used to this day in their training facility!

 Every dog that I trained qualified for the DWDOA and Gaines Tournaments every year since 1982, which was my goal with every dog I train even though those tournaments are gone now.  (and greatly missed)

I have done several, very successful and profitable Foundation seminars in Obedience and Agility.  The are informative, fun and include pages and pages of handouts! 

My training philosophy is:

Break it down to the smallest parts, train the parts and put it all together. 

Go slow and easy-motivate and have fun.  If your not  having fun – the dog isn’t having fun.

I train using food along with correction but I only correct when I know the dog knows the exercise and the correction fits the dog and mistake.  May be just a uh-uh to a physical correction such as a tap on the head or a leash and collar correction.  Collar used is based on the dog and trainer ability.

 My goals for myself and my students are: 

Have fun and do the best you can with what you have to work with.

Work your dog to the best of your ability and your dogs potential !

My motto is
….Reach for the moon, if you miss the worst that will happen is you will reach a star!