BSCA Versatility Entry Form

You can use this form to enter Versatility, Celebration of Life and Performance

Fill out the information below and SUBMIT –   Entry fee – $0
This is just the ENTRY FORM !

REMEMBER that you HAVE to FILL OUT THE RESULTS OF EACH VENUE on your form that is in the binder at the  Scentwork, Obedience or Agility venues!  Or look for Linda Brady or Tim Tedrow if you have any questions.

VERSATILITY AWARD Program Requirements – updated 10/1/2018
1. Dogs must qualify per the AKC definition of the event, in two of the six AKC performance events – Regular Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Herding, Agility, Scent Work
2. Dogs must participate in, and be able to qualify in, a regular, non-regular or sweepstakes conformation class.
3. Dogs that are “excused” or “disqualified” from participation in any event, not including normal “non-qualifying scores” in performance events will be disallowed/excused from further Versatility Award competition and participation for that year’s award.
4. Performance event points
Dogs that qualify in more than one class in the same category of the six AKC performance events (obedience, herding, agility, tracking) may count only the higher class or score
5. Ties will be broken by awarded/adding in, tie-breaking points – see the chart for point schedule with the exception of – any dog that qualifies in all SIX venues, regardless of level or point value will be awarded the trophy, In case of a tie, the dog who qualifies in all SIX venues, in the higher class will be awarded the trophy
6. HT will not count in a tie-breaker
Participants in the Versatility Award must sign up BEFORE the closing date of the regular  show entries.
All entries will receive a Certificate of Participation at the banquet.  None will be mailed.

Highest combined score in Regular Obedience and Regular Agility

Must Qualify in 3 of the Performance events.  See website for more info