BSCA 2018 New Title Submission Form


DEADLINE WAS FEBRUARY 1, 2019 – Deadline has been reached
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America Members only
Any submissions AFTER Feb 1, 2019 will be held over to the 2020 order and will be published in the 2020 National Specialty Banquet Booklet.
Fill out one form per dog and hit SUBMIT.
Fill in ALL FIELDS with the “Info” or “None”.
AKC titles get a medallion with the dogs Registered Name only (no previous titles) and New Titles for 2018 will be listed
Non AKC titles get a 8×10 embossed certificate.
All awards are handed out at the Awards Banquet and we would appreciate if someone could pick up your award for you if you cannot attend to save the BSCA mailing costs.
All awards will be mailed in June 2019. If you are not planning on attending please make sure that you fill out your mailing address.
****If you want to email this information send it to
****Like last year, the medallions and certificates will be available for pick up at the performance venues. So you may pick them up early if you want or not staying for the Saturday night Awards Banquet.